Onboard supplies

Container vessels usually have crew members onboard who can  carry out initial or temporary repairs of  reefers should irregularities  occur  during the  voyage.  In order  to cope with such emergencies, the owner of  the reefer containers (shipping line) has supplied the vessel with an “on-board repair kit”.

This onboard equipment will need regular replenishment as it gets used and Inter Repairs Nord can carry out this task in addition to the individual supply of spare parts.

We provide a complete or partial supply of onboard repair kits. Similarly, we can take into custody and arrange for control and redelivery of inventory on behalf of our customers.


Container sales & rental

Our company has a fleet of owned containers and we are therefore able to offer rental of second hand dry and reefer units for a shorter or longer period of time. We can also assist you in case you want to purchase one or more containers.

Contact us if you have a need for storage or for buying containers and we will find a solution that suits you.




With the introduction of the Solas legislation as from 1 July 2016, all export containers are required to undergo the  VGM weighing as  a prerequisite  for loading the container. The aim is to ensure correct and safe stowage and avoid the collapse of container holds, units falling into the sea, and to eliminate any accident as a consequence of incorrect distribution of weights on board the vessel. 

Our facilities in Leghorn are equipped with a certified scale and we are accredited at the portal created by the  local Port Authority  TPCS.  The service we  provide offers two  weights,  one with  the truck and container combined and one of the truck alone.  This way we accurately determine the weight of the container and are able to communicate the information directly  to the  TPCS portal and deliver the results to the driver.