Our technical department is able to provide on-site load assistance during the cold treatment phases (USDA – APHIAS). Cold treatment is the application of a phytosanitary protocol established between Italy and the various countries of destination and it enables a quick and safe fruit export while reducing quarantine waiting time abroad.

There are various custom protocols depending on the destination country. During the loading phases the phytopathologist, who ascertains application of the protocol, is assisted by a refrigeration technician. The protocol which strictly follows the specifications related to the final destination, requires the insertion of three probes for temperature control, monitoring of the fruit during the trip, and recording of all data in the container’s data logger. Upon arrival at destination the data is downloaded and if everything went according to procedure the goods can continue to the market without any further inspection, detention or loss of time. 

Our technical support to the phytopathologist during the stuffing of the container covers calibration of probes, placement and test reading of probes, and any other specific needs or requirements there may be. The preparation of units dedicated for cold treatment must follow specific protocols and are prepared at the terminal when empty.