A pre-trip inspection (PTI) will be performed before the reefer container is released to the customer. This inspection includes a visual test for verification of structural damages, a cleaning check, and a control of the refrigeration machine through the available self-diagnosis software and in accordance with the specifications of manufacturers and shipping companies.

Our technical department has experienced refrigeration technicians with F-gas license who are continuously updated through training courses carried out by Carrier, Thermo King, StarCool, and Daikin.

We have all the necessary knowledge and the equipment of the widest range and most varied stock of spare parts to enable any type of repair in a timely manner.

The PTI is an inspection conducted on empty units before release to ensure correct operation of the cooling system, temperature control, and recording of all data in the appropriate equipment during the voyage of the container. The PTI also includes the structural control of all engine parts and any damages to the container.