Inter Repairs Nord (IRN) has been in the container business since 1988, born from a group of former employees of a prestigious and historic company in the field. With knowledge and sense of prediction for future developments the specialization began within refrigerated containers and this has over the years brought IRN to a position as an esteemed and recognized company in the reefer segment.

From initially 7,000 square meters, our facilities have now expanded to the current 160,000 square meters where we carry out repairs as well as empty storage activities for all types of containers.

Over time, we have listened to the feedback from our customers and their requirements for development and we have explored the possibilities which the technological innovation has offered us. We are therefore equipped with an information system that allows for a fully digitalized journey of the container from its arrival till it leaves the depot again.

The attention we put into our day-to-day management combined with the quality we apply in our operation guarantees our customers a first-class handling at Inter Repairs Nord.