Our facility in Leghorn is our main base and also the location from where Inter Repairs Nord is managed.

At the Leghorn terminal, we are able to provide a wide range of services such as:

  • Empty park management including inspection, repair, and empty delivery
  • Service availability with assistance 24h / 365 days on full containers in transit
  • Warranty management covering replacement of faulty parts, document management of warranty repair, and shipment of defective spare parts to the manufacturer
  • Monitoring of full units in transit with control of the temperature setting and operation of plugin unplugging
  • Cold treatment assistance i.e load assistance according to international phytosanitary protocol

The terminal is equipped with fifty sockets which can all be used simultaneously to perform PTI.

Efficient gate & yard procedure

At the entrance gate there is a system of six cameras which document the condition of the container at the time of entry. The photos are kept in a dedicated folder which is available to our customers together with the digitalised copy of the EIR signed by the driver.

The flow of trucks through the operating area is clearly marked in order to guarantee a safe and secure movement at the terminal. The various loading and unloading points are marked on the ground for easy identification by the drivers.

We have a warehouse continuously stocked with original spare parts to ensure an uninterrupted flow of repairs and our facility is equipped with all the necessary tools to carry out every type of overhaul on box and machinery.

We provide assistance in the estimation and repair phase, also for major damages which require dismantling and reassembling of the machinery. Finally, we offer more extensive repairs of the supporting structure of the container.

Rail & Container Freight Station (CFS)

The terminal is equipped with two rail tracks of 500 meters each and served by a bridge crane.

We have a dedicated area for sorting all incoming containers intended for rail and an exclusive and independent road network to make the operation quick and smooth.

Stuffing operations are likewise available at our facilities in a dedicated area where cargo consolidation is carried out in a secure manner.

Our facility is equipped with a SOLAS certified scale and with a direct connection to the TPCS network all data is automatically sent to the port authorities as well as proviing the cargo owner a hard copy of the weighing.

Specifics of the terminal:

  • Surface is 160,000.00 square meters
  • Deck car (45 tons capacity)
  • 3 reach stackers for full containers
  • 6 reach stackers for empty handling
  • 50 reefer outlets 380v x 32A 3h for PTI
  • Dedicated area for repair of reefers with foam insulation machine
  • Standard washing with water purification system